Policy Initiatives

Adolescent SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment)

In Nassau County, youth (grades 7-12) start using alcohol, marijuana and prescription pain relievers before the age of fifteen. The earlier teens start using substances, the greater their chances of continued use of substances and developing substance use problems later in life. While many parents talk with their child regarding the dangers of underage drinking and substance use, only 47% of parents actually do. AAP views pediatric care providers playing a critical, ongoing role in the lives of their adolescent patients and have a unique opportunity to educate them about the dangers of substance use and to influence their behaviors. Most adolescents (83%) have contact with a physician annually and adolescents consider physicians an authoritative source of knowledge about alcohol and drugs and are receptive to discussing substance use.

Alcohol Training Awareness Program

While in New York State (NYS) the sale of alcohol to a minor is considered to be one of the most serious violations under NYS’ Alcohol and Beverage Control Law, the NYS Liquor Authority (NYSLA) does not mandate on premises (restaurants, bars, etc.) or off premises (retail sales) businesses that serve/sell alcohol to participate in alcohol training awareness programs. Alcohol Training Awareness Programs provide businesses and their employees with the knowledge and confidence to recognize potential alcohol-related problems, effectively intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies and prevent the sale of alcohol to minors. PACT’s FREE Nassau County TIPS Training not only enhances the fundamental “people skills” of servers and sellers of alcohol, it educates how to serve and sell alcohol responsibly and profitably.

While many Nassau County businesses do participate in their own or PACT’S TIPS Training (voluntary ATAP), many Nassau County businesses and their employees do not participate in the training. To ensure our roads are safe from drivers under the influence of alcohol and our youth are not exposed to alcohol before the age of 21, PACT will continue to educate New York State representatives to the benefits of new state policy addressing a mandatory requirement for businesses and their employees to participate in an alcohol training awareness program.